Welcome To Dream Camp

Muskoka, Canada September 1 - 4, 2023

The holistic adventure of the summer is back for season 3, where the distortions of life disappear and a cosmic playground emerges.


Calling All Dreamers...

Journey together in community and embark on a transformative holistic adventure in the wilderness.

Break out of your comfort zone with the freedom to express your true self, enabling your soul to soar to new heights that will leave you wondering... "Was it all just a dream?"

TmrwTday Dream Camp
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TmrwTday Dream Camp Plant Medicine
TmrwTday Dream Camp Silent Disco & Beach Parties
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Experience Dream Camp's Stunning New Home

Camp Winnebagoe, Muskoka 🇨🇦

Step out of your comfort zone and into an
authentic wilderness adventure! 

Let's be transparent: you're coming to a kids camp and won't experience luxuries like plush bedding, fluffy duvets or towel service. However, rest assured that you'll have a comfy stay in new cabins with washrooms and clean drinking water.

Get ready for a serene slumber in the woods, accompanied by the soothing sounds of nature.


3 Night Cabin Stay + All Meals Included + Activations Pass

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Tmrw.Tday Dream Camp • $681.10/pp

"Day Dreams" Cabin Package Includes:

🌙 3-night dorm stay (full bunk bed) 🍽️ All-inclusive meals ✨ Full access: workshops & activations 🚿 Cabin comforts & shower house 🎁 Dream Camp gift bag 🛶 Unlimited sports & outdoor activities ⏰ Only 60 Early Bird Spots Available 💰 Save $111 OFF Final Price

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Tmrw.Tday Dream Camp • $750.89/pp

"Lucid Dreams" Cabin Package Includes:

🌲 3-night stay in spacious cabin 🍽️ All-inclusive meals ✨ Full access: workshops & activations 🚿 2 washrooms, storage, & shower house 🎁 Dream Camp gift bag 🛶 Unlimited outdoor activities ⏳ Limited to 20 spots 💰 Save $120 OFF Final Price!

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Witness the Magic

Dive into the Dream Camp experience with our Season 1 & 2 Aftermovies. Relive the magic, connection, and transformation that define our vibrant community of dreamers.

What Dreamers Are Saying...

01 Bianca

02 Acie

03 Olena

01 Bianca

The connection and love that was woven through the air for this event transcends words.

So many came together and created a space that was so comfortable, so compassionate that many of could completely peel off the layers of our masks, our woes, our fears, worries and imposed constructs briefly so that we may reach a state of TRUTH..THAT ALL IS ONE!.

That there is a real version of reality of LIFE.Real life is LOVE.


02 Acie

My experience at Dream Camp was unreal. I came alone and left with new friends who felt like family to me. Everyone was there with good intentions and a community focused mindset. 

I felt a lot of love in the air. It was such a perfect blend of conscious practices, play, inner reflections and connection. 

I can't wait to attend again this year and am looking forward to witnessing the magic of DC2023.


03 Olena

This experience truly invited me to be all myself in every way. I was encouraged to be my fun, silly, expressive, loving self.

I am beyond grateful for all the synchronicities that helped me to find my people.

My spiritual tribe. TRUTH seekers, light workers. SOUL REBELS. I don't think I ever cried as much as I did this weekend. But this was a beautiful cry. Cry of LIBERATION, EXPANSION & FREEDOM.

Thank you to Tmrw.Tday for bringing this soul aligned community of bad ass facilitators that helped us heal, expand and connect.


Ready to Awaken the Dream?

Muskoka, Canada September 1 - 4, 2023

Dream Camp isn't just an event, it's a life-altering experience where you can reconnect with your inner child, foster deep connections, and explore the unexplored within and around you.

Don't let this magical journey pass you by! Secure your spot and embrace the magic that awaits.