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Retreat-Level Healing Meets Vibrant Festival Energy ☾

At Dream Camp, we’ve created an alcohol and drug-free environment that prioritizes your well-being and growth. 

Our unique blend of intimate healing and exhilarating energy is intentionally curated to fuel your journey of radical self-exploration and vibrant self-expression.

Dive into an experience where every activity, from transformative workshops to exuberant dance parties, is designed to nurture your spirit and spark transformation. 


Transformational Workshops

Guided Cold Plunges

Breathwork & Sound Journeys

In-Depth Masterclasses

Silent Disco & Beach Parties

Live Music & Bonfires

Yoga, Movement, Ecstatic Dance

Summer Camp Activities

Creative Art & Play Experiences


Inspiring Stories from our Dreamers Themselves!

Deep Shares. Real Dreamers

Create the Dream!

Last season, we awakened the Dream within. Now, the moment has come to breathe it into existence.

This year, our journey delves into the boundless realms of creativity, and we’ve invited world class coaches, artists and guides to ignite your creative potential.

Featuring James McCrae

Creator of @WordsAreVibrations

James McCrae is an author, poet, meme artist, and creative strategist based in Austin, Texas who empowers creators to live with purpose and turn imagination into reality.

You’ll recognize from his massively viral Instagram account @WordsAreVibrations… 

In his writing and art, he applies the principles of mindfulness and Eastern philosophy to modern life with humour and candour. James offers coaching and teaches classes on conscious creativity. 

His books include: "Sh#t Your Ego Says" "How to Laugh in Ironic Amusement During Your Existential Crisis" and "The Art of You."

We’re excited to welcome him to Dream Camp where he’ll guide you on how to tap into your innate creative powers.


Honorary Guest Asha Frost

Author of "You Are the Medicine"

Asha Frost is an Indigenous healer, best-selling author of You are the Medicine, oracle deck creator, mentor, and mother based in the heart of Anishinaabe, Huron-Wendat, and Haudenosaunee land. 

With roots deeply embedded in the First Nations across Ontario, Canada (Turtle Island), she is a proud member of the Crane Clan (Aji-jaak Dodem) at Neyaashiinigmiig (Cape Croker) First Nation.

You may recognize her from her transformative work in connecting individuals to the inherent medicine within themselves—the spark, illumination, and power that await discovery and claim. 

Asha’s life work centers around nurturing this connection through the wisdom Indigenous Medicine, offering guidance and insights that allow people to access and harness their own ancestral strength and beauty.

We are excited to welcome Asha to Dream Camp, where she will guide you in unlocking the profound medicine already inside you.

Peter Oppermann Dream Camp

Featuring Peter Oppermann

"The Wizard Returns"

German engineer turned transformational engineer – Peter is the founder of the LA-based Future Self Institute.

He has helped over 10,000 people from 25 nationalities discover their future selves using the cutting-edge, research-driven Future Self Method blending neuroscience, quantum physics, and ancient wisdom traditions. 

Peter empowers individuals to rewire their operating systems, create new neural pathways, and manifest the lives and regenerative business ventures of their dreams.

The Wizard of Tmrw.Tday returns to present a brand new Future Self Experience, 'Creating A Regenerative Future'. 


Our Family of Activators 𖤓

Since Tmrw.Tday's inception in 2017, we have been collaborating with a powerful family of Activators who embody our Community's spirit and bring the magic of Dream Camp to life.

Meet Your Dream Camp Guides
(Full Lineup and Schedule Coming Soon)

Stacy Irie Soul

Stacy Irie Soul (Co-Founder)

Program Director, Community Weaver, Sacred Circle Facilitator, Women's Coach

Andrew Mystery

Andrew Mystery (Co-Founder)

Camp Director, Community Builder, Holistic Experience Curator, Breathwork Guide

Eddy Tony

Eddy Tony

Somatic Breathwork, Sound Healing, and Plant Medicine Facilitator

Odeta Kasa

Odeta Kasa

Trauma-Informed Women's Coach, Yoga Teacher, Holistic Wellness Practitioner

Natasha B

Natasha Dreamseer

Intuitive Dreamwork Guide and Dream Interpreter


Soul Brother Dane

Third Generation Plant Medicine Specialist, Spiritual Guide, and Holistic Healing Arts Practitioner

Theo Z

Theo Zgraggen

Dream Camp Videographer, Artist, Creative Director, Conscious Creativity Guide

Marina M

Marina McSherry

Community Manager, Women's Circle Leader

Audra Santa

Audra Santa

Spiritual Mentor, Teacher, and Intuitive Medicine Woman

Chris A

Chris Assaad

Music Medicine Artist, Voice Activator and Self-Expression Guide

Matty Ryce

Matty Ryce

Spiritual Alignment Guide, Energy Worker, DJ, and Author

Daniel 'Ocean' Rinzler

Daniel 'Ocean' Rinzler

Dream Camp Co-Founder, Vibes Curator, Camp Jester

Free Bird

Elie 'Free Bird' Landesberg

Dream Camp Photographer, Artist, Conscious Brand Builder


4-Day Experience Package

Your Investment Includes

All-Access to Workshops, Ceremonies, Events & Activations

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Buffet
(+ Afternoon & Evening Snacks)

(3-Nights Cabin Reservations Info Below)

Storage, Washrooms, Clean Water & Renovated Shower Houses

Unlimited Outdoor Summer Camp Activities & Sports

Dreamy Gift Bag
+ So Much More TBA


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Bonus Gift: Sit In Circle With Asha Frost

The First 11 People To Book Will Receive This Add On FREE!

In this powerful Ceremony, exclusive to 40 Dreamers, you will learn how to: 

> Connect With Animal Spirits with Reverence and Appreciation.

> Find the Animal Spirit That Came Here With You, For You and the Animal That Is currently on your path.

> Engage in Indigenous Ceremony, Teachings and Transformation.

> Receive oracle card readings and messages for your path ahead.


Reserving Your Cabin Stay

If you haven't caught on yet, you're heading to a Summer Kids Camp!

Enjoy 3-nights in spacious, clean cabins with your very own bunk bed – top and bottom are yours!

Cabins have two washrooms, storage, plus newly renovated shower houses close by.

Once you book your Experience Package, Camp Winnebagoe will contact you to reserve your Cabin Accommodations.

✆ Let's Connect

Ready To Book & Have A Few Questions?

Our team will be happy to jump on a call and assist you to book your Camp Package.



What Dreamers are Saying

01 Olena

02 Acie

03 Bianca

01 Olena

This experience truly invited me to be all myself in every way. I was encouraged to be my fun, silly, expressive, loving self.

I am beyond grateful for all the synchronicities that helped me to find my people.

My spiritual tribe. TRUTH seekers, light workers. SOUL REBELS. I don't think I ever cried as much as I did this weekend. But this was a beautiful cry. Cry of LIBERATION, EXPANSION & FREEDOM.

Thank you to Tmrw.Tday for bringing this soul aligned community of bad ass facilitators that helped us heal, expand and connect.

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02 Acie

My experience at Dream Camp was unreal. I came alone and left with new friends who felt like family to me. Everyone was there with good intentions and a community focused mindset.

I felt a lot of love in the air. It was such a perfect blend of conscious practices, play, inner reflections and connection.

I can't wait to attend again this year and am looking forward to witnessing the magic.

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03 Bianca

The connection and love that was woven through the air for this event transcends words.

So many came together and created a space that was so comfortable, so compassionate that many of us could completely peel off the layers of our masks, our woes, our fears, worries and imposed constructs briefly so that we may reach a state of TRUTH.

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Re-Live the Dream


A Few Other Ways To Join Dream Camp

Join The Dream Team

Conscious Creators

Conscious Creators Program

Calling all aspiring Coaches, Artists, Healers and Creators. If selected you’ll have the opportunity to share your gifts as part of the official Dream Camp Activators Lineup. 

** If you are Vendor Fill Out This Application **


Scholarship Program

In response to these challenging times, we're proud to announce our Scholarship Program that provides Camp at a reduced rate. Accessibility to Tmrw.Tday Community Gatherings has always been a priority, and this initiative upholds that commitment.

Dream Tree Volunteers

Dream Tree Volunteer

An incredible way to come to Camp for a reduced rate, gain invaluable experience and revelling in the magic of Dream Camp while collaborating with an extraordinary team of humans.




Late summer weather in Muskoka can be unpredictable. 

Expect daytime highs of up to 28 degrees Celsius while you soak up the sun. 

As the sun sets, things cool down with morning and nighttime lows hitting around 10 degrees Celsius.

Since Mother Nature loves surprises, stay one step ahead by checking the forecast for Huntsville, Ontario, starting two days before Dream Camp kicks off. 

Rain is a blessing. At Camp Winnebagoe, we've got you covered with beautiful indoor spaces to keep our adventure going strong, come rain or shine.

Meal time in the Grand Dining Hall is a Dream Camp staple. Your camp package includes not just breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but delectable afternoon and evening snacks to keep those energy levels soaring!

Our meals are a celebration of flavor and nutrition, with 80% plant-based goodness prepared with heaps of love. Plus, we've got eggs served for breaky and savory chicken dishes served up during lunch and dinner.

Got allergies or dietary restrictions? No problemo! Our team's got your back. Just shoot us your requirements after purchasing your package, and we'll make sure you're well taken care of.

Now, here's the fun part: leave those snacks at home! With our delicious spread, you'll be more than satisfied throughout the day. 

But if you simply can't resist bringing your own treats, remember to keep them sealed tight in bags and Tupperware to respect your cabin mates' allergies and keep those pesky critters at bay.

To uphold the sacredness of our shared experience and to respect the energy of all participants, we maintain a strict policy against the use of alcohol and chemical drugs at Dream Camp.

We kindly request that you refrain from bringing or using any alcohol or chemical substances during your time at camp. Should any participant be found possessing or displaying signs of intoxication or being under the influence of drugs, which disrupt the harmonious energy of our collective journey, immediate action will be taken.

In such cases, the individual in question will be promptly removed from the property, and no refunds will be provided. Our commitment to creating a safe, nurturing, and transformational environment for all attendees necessitates the enforcement of this policy.

Let us come together in a spirit of openness and mindfulness, honouring the sacred container we create collectively at Dream Camp.

Your Dream Camp experience is also entirely customizable, allowing you to partake in the activities that speak to you. 

Or simply choose to relax around the fire, explore, play or just be, soaking in the beauty of the camp and its natural surroundings.

We love our furry friends but unfortunately pets are not permitted at Dream Camp.

We've got an array of goodness waiting for you, from exclusive Dream Camp Merch to exciting offerings from our vendors and energy healers.

Cash is KING at Camp.

With Spotty cellular connections, it's wise to have some dolla' bills on hand for smooth transactions. 

We're deep in the heart of the Muskoka wilderness, so you're going to have to prepare for limited cell service.

Sure, there's wifi at the Camp Offices to check-in with loved ones, but if you find yourself glued to the office area, you're missing out on the real deal. 

Seriously, why bother coming if you're just going to stare at a screen instead of soaking up the nature vibes and the epic experience?

This is your golden opportunity to unplug from the digital world. Save those epic pics and video posts for later because right now, it's all about living in the moment.

Forget about chasing bars on your phone; the only signal worth pursuing here is the genuine connections you'll forge through shared experiences and unfiltered conversations.


Dream Camp is situated in the renowned Muskoka region of Northern Ontario, Canada, celebrated for its pristine lakes and breathtaking natural beauty.

This season, we're embarking on a unique journey to a children's summer camp like none other: Camp Winnebagoe with a massive beachfront and jammed with all the bells and whistles, that will ignite your inner child.

From the Greater Toronto Area, it's just a hop, skip, and a jump—about 2.5 hours away!

If you're coming from Ottawa, get ready for a scenic drive of around 4.5 hours.

And for those journeying from the Canada & US Border at Niagara Falls, New York, it's a breezy 3.5-hour trip. Let the adventure begin!

Get ready for Dream Camp with our Essential Packing guide sent to you after you book!

Late summer vibes mean sunny days and cooler evenings – perfect summer weather.

Dress for daytime activations, with comfortable activewear. When the sun sets, cozy up in your favourite hoodies evenings around the fire under a blanket of stars.

And don't forget to bring your wildest costume for our Saturday Night Jam – it's all about expressing yourself in true Burning Man style!

Make sure to pack your personal toiletries and plenty of towels for all your bath, swim, and pampering needs.

Oh, in case you haven't caught on yet, you're coming to a summer kids camp. If you're staying overnight remember to bring along your bed sheets, pillow, and snuggly blanket or sleeping bag.

If you are booking a flight from anywhere around the globe you will fly into Toronto's Pearson International Airport. 

Airport Transfer By Private Car:
Cruise into the city hassle-free and link up with your fellow Dreamers.

CLICK HERE to reserve your ride and pay after you've arrived at your destination. 

UP Express Train:
The most convenient and cost effective way to get into downtown Toronto's Union Station.

CLICK HERE to purchase your ticket

Car Rentals:
Take the scenic route and adventure to Dream Camp in your own car.

Search for the right vehicle for you on or

Absolutely! Riding together not only reduces our carbon footprint but also adds an extra dose of fun to the journey to Camp!

While many Dreamers hail from the Greater Toronto Area, we welcome adventurers from all over. 

Once you book, our team will be happy to connect you with a fellow Dreamer to organize convenient meet-up spots for everyone.

When carpooling, it's expected that the cost of gas will be shared among passengers, with arrangements decided by the driver.

Camp Winnebagoe has a large parking lot space for all attendees vehicles.

Check-in kicks off at 11:00 am on Thursday, August 22nd, and we keep the vibes rolling until checkouts at 4:00 pm on Sunday, August 25th.


Booking your Dream Camp Experience Package is quick and easy on the trusted Easol Platform.

Step 1:
Click Here to visit our Booking Page 

Step 2:
Select your Package plus any Add On Options you wish to purchase and add it to your cart.

Step 3:
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Step 4: 
New Customers: If you are new to Easol you will need to sign up an account.

Returning Customers: Sign in to your account with email and password. 

Step 5:
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Step 7:
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Step 8:
Enter your Credit Card / Visa Debit information and confirm your booking. 

Make your wallet happy with our monthly payment plan. Secure your Camp Package with a $300 Deposit and the balance divided and charged every 30-days until Dream Camp. 

Payment Plans End July 14

Refund Policy: Your purchase not only contributes to our financial needs for hosting Dream Camp but also acknowledges the substantial energy and dedication invested by our team in crafting an unforgettable experience for all participants.

In line with this, Dream Camp adheres to a firm No-Refund Policy regardless of the circumstances prompting cancellation requests.

However, in the event that Tmrw Tday Festival Inc. cancels Dream Camp for any reason, a 75% refund will be issued, with the remaining 25% credited towards a future Tmrw Tday Festival Inc. live event. 

(Service Fees cannot be refunded.)Tmrw.Tday Festival Inc. reserves the right to refuse entry to any individual or remove them from Dream Camp without refund if they contravene the community guidelines

Transfer Policy: You have the option to transfer your package to another individual in its entirety. 

The financial transaction for this transfer must occur directly between you and the designated recipient. 

Please note that Tmrw Tday Festival Inc. cannot facilitate or arrange the transfer unless Dream Camp is fully booked and a waiting list is in place.

Dream Camp Guidelines:The lineup and schedule may be subject to change without prior notice. Refunds for packages will not be issued in the event of such changes. 


If you haven't caught on yet, you're heading to a Summer Kids Camp! Imagine yourself in spacious, clean cabins with your very own bunk bed – top and bottom are yours!

Each cabin comes with not one, but two washrooms, clean running water, plus storage space for all your gear.

And when it's time to freshen up, you're just a quick walk away from newly renovated shower houses.

The highlight of Dream Camp? Meeting your Cabin Mates!

We have had great success in pairing our attendees that have become Soul Fam.

While we typically keep things traditional with separate cabins for boys and girls, if you're coming as a couple, we'll set you up in a mixed cabin or couples cabin. 

Our priority is making sure everyone feels right at home. 

Once you reserve your Cabin Spot with Camp Winnebagoe, you'll have the chance to share any cabin accommodation preferences with the team.

Dream Camp is a powerful experience for Couples to dive deeper, explore and play together. 

If you're joining as a couple we will match you up with other couples in a cabin. 

After booking you will be given the option to make Cabin Accommodation requests with the team.